Age: 39

Years in hobby: 33

I would like to express a Huge Thanks to all my wonderful sponsors. I would not be where I am in the hobby without your support. Please show your support and check them out. Just click on their image.

I have had the R/C hobby in my blood since I was just a 6 year old little boy back in 1986 when my Papa gave me my first remote controlled airplane. As young as I could remember my Papa would bring me to the R/C field on weekends to hang with the old guys and boy did I ask questions and take it all in. It didn't take long and thanks to my Father's help and support I quickly soloed the following season. The rest is HISTORY!

In the early 90's we moved to the Rochester, New York area where I joined The Rochester Aero Modeling Society (RAMS). Little did I know this was the home of Ray Stacy, the man who put helicopters on the map in our area. I still remember Ray bringing little 3 year old Kyle Stacy out to the field to watch us fly. Kyle was born with true talent and quickly surpassed my flying ability by age 6 and I've been learning from him ever since.

I started writing build reviews and doing YouTube videos a few years back to assist others in the hobby seeking help. If I didn't have people like my family and the Stacy's I really don't know where or what hobbies I would be doing today. Thank You Guys!