Tired or frustrated while trying to install and remove your lipos from that pesky Velcro battery compartment?  Now you can effortlessly insert and extract those large lipo batteries in seconds. The Lipo Shuttle is a "Must Have" for those pilots who fly helis that do not have removable battery trays and use Velcro to secure the batteries to the frame. 

Great for All models that use a Velcro battery trays. Align, Gaui, Synergy, Logo, SAB, TSA, Thunder Tiger, Blade, Compass, KDS, MSH and More..!

To install your battery, slide the shuttle all the way into your heli’s battery compartment. Slide your battery onto the shuttle into its installed position, then pull the shuttle out. Strap your battery and Fly! 


After flight, lift gently on the front of the battery as you insert the shuttle all the way into the battery compartment separating the Velcro, then simply slide out the battery and shuttle together.

Lipo Shuttle Dimensions:

6S Lipo Shuttle (L) x (W) 8.5 x 2

12S Lipo Shuttle (L) x (W) 15 x 2

To purchase Lipo Shuttles at the cost of $6 for the 6S size or $12 for a 12S, simply pay thru PayPal using the BOXFLY52@GMAIL.COM address. Please include $3 for shipping and handling. Be sure to include your shipping address, quantity and sizes in the Paypal “Add a note” section.  Your shuttle(s) will ship via USPS within 2-3 days from the date of your payment.  If shipping outside of the USA please contact me at the above email address to determine the shipping cost.

Happy Flying
Dave Reibert